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Camping Holiday

CampingWe decided to go camping and where better to go than the South Coast!

We all need a holiday and one of the strengths of the programme is that we teach a balanced lifestyle.

Some of the men had never camped before and it was really good to see them getting the hang of it. We had so many good, fun times and got to know each other so much better.  We all came away from the holiday refreshed and with a smile on our face.

Every year we have gone on holiday we have got more organised. This year we had another tent and we sent down a few guys to erect the tents so that when the main party came down everything was organised and we just had to put the BBQ on for tea.

Amongst other things we played football, went geo-caching, sightseeing, had beach days, ice cream, fish & chips and a river cruise. In other words a Holiday

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