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Ibstock Move-On House

watchingtvWe have been on the lookout for a move-on house for at least a year. Now we have one in Ibstock.  

Ibstock Baptist Church has rented their Manse to us which is just a few hundred yards from their church.  Reverend Roy Monks was delighted when we asked if we could use it as a Move-on for men.  He said that Ibstock Baptist Church wanted to see the Manse being used for a good purpose and that the Church were right behind us in wanting to assist wherever they could in this wonderful work.

Now that it has been running for six months we can look back and say that it has been worthwhile.  The support structure is robust and no-one has relapsed.  One of the men now has his own accommodation and still helps out at The Carpenter’s Arms when he has time. Another has employment and we are getting ready to send over two others to fill the empty rooms.

What they feel about their new home…

James says…
“It is really an extension of The Carpenter’s Arms and we have taken the same feeling that was there with us to the new house.  The church has been very welcoming and their generosity and love has helped us settle in quickly.”
Eddie says…
“This move-on house is ideal for me because it is away from the city and the hectic lifestyle.  I have built up good solid relationships with the other guys in the house and so we have a peaceful home.  There is support and love given to us here.  You can have support on its own, but there is a lot of love given with it which makes so much difference.”We are still very welcome at The Carpenter’s Arms and visit there regularly and have an occasional meal as well.  Moving to Ibstock brought me a lot of freedom, but with freedom comes temptation.  Even although I  have completed the programme I have to remember how things can turn overnight.  Fortunately we have a resident staff member and loads of backup support to help us in this phase.

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