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Insights from the trip

Romania – Some insights from those who went with us and how it affected them.

It has made me take stock and given me a different perspective on life!

I’ve seen both sides of the life in Romania from the modern flushing toilets to the rudimentary ones in the country.  It has been an honour and a privilege to be here.  It has made me take stock and has given me a different perspective on life.  What I thought at home was a problem, is nothing at all here. I saw a lady today who was poorly, she can’t even get to hospital and her grandson does everything for her, even changing her drip. He has given up his PhD studies for this.”

Next year in March we plan to go back to build toilets for youngsters!
We are working together with a few other organisations who have heard about our project and have offered to help.  We plan to be out in Romania for about three weeks.  During this time we shall build toilets and help in the local community.  We will try to raise the necessary funds for this needy cause in the meanwhile.  Several of our men will be accompanying us on the trip as they have done in the past.  We expect to hear similar reports from them as the ones on these pages!

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