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Joseph’s Storehouse

Volunteers at Joseph’s Storehouse
Volunteers at Joseph’s Storehouse

The food parcels service provides food, clothing and other essential items to a wide range of homeless and disadvantaged people in Loughborough. 

The service is currently based at the Carpenter’s Arms, and runs twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 2:30pm until 3:30pm.

There are now almost 600 people on our records; up to 90 of whom represent families with children.

We have seen a massive increase in the need of those who attend; each session we can serve anywhere up to 90 people, although this can fluctuate based on a number of factors.

Bill Finney and residents with a Hog Roast
Bill Finney and residents with a Hog Roast

Each client is facing their own set of challenges, including homelessness, financial hardship, long term sickness and unemployment.  Our only criteria for receiving a parcel is that we ask to see proof of benefits once per month.

We started out giving 14 food parcels a week from our front door.  Now we are giving out 25000 food parcels a year from a dedicated building on site.

Already our premises are too limited and we are involved in planning a new extension with several facilities to help us with this work!


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