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Phase One – and Detox House

phaseoneThe time in this phase is limited to a maximum of twelve weeks (in cases of high usage of substitutes) however we envisage most will have moved onto Phase Two well within this time.

This is housed separate from the other Phases. Men coming into Phase One can undergo a medically supervised chemical detox process if needed.

For those on Heroin substitutes this will involve a tailor made reduction programme. Those withdrawing from Alcohol will be given suitable medication to assist them.

Smokers will be given “Patches” of reducing strength over a three week period.

There is a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the house which is conducive to the resident’s recovery.  Group sessions are held five days a week and one-on-one support sessions take place at least once a week.  Generally daily walks take place and outings are arranged on a weekly basis.  On a Sunday the house visits a church.  Residents assist with household chores, gardening and cooking.

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