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Phase Three – Vision

phasethreePhase three is all about getting on with life after rehabilitation, with particular focus on spiritual development, education, employment and life skills. It is a time for a residents to start establishing who they are again and a time for release.

Our aim for the accommodation is to give residents a realistic experience of how to maintain their own accommodation in the future. We meet this aim through keeping the houses maintained to a high standard and in some cases we assist the owners in developing these properties.

Phase three accommodation comprises four residents and one staff member per house. All these houses are in good neighborhoods and are of a high standard.

phasethree2Phase three programme
The Phase three programme welcomes residents who have finished the first two phases as well as those have been through other rehabilitation programmes similar the Carpenters Arms and would like to relocate to the midlands and into a safe environment.

The programme is structured around two days in the week where the Phase three residents will meet as a group for 3 hours to discuss relevant and up to date life skills teaching and relapse prevention. Further to those 6 hours, the residents will attend a support session and a subsequent, tailor made action plan, providing targets and goals with the emphasis on employment and education. A resident staff member is available within the House from late pm till the next morning for additional support if and when required.

We see this as a time for release not a time for more control, and very much a time for a resident to find out who he is again. Someone recently described this as;

“You help a resident get going, and you’re walking with them and supporting them, then running with them and encouraging them, then one day they will be running on fast enough and stable enough that you don’t need to be there to support them anymore”

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