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Phase Two – Foundations for Life

The Carpenters Arms

Phase 2: Rehabilitation
Carpenter’s Arm Six Hills, The Fosseway, Six Hills,    LE14 3PD

Phase 2: Accommodation
Carpenter’s Arms – Six Hills boasts 29 spacious ensuite bedrooms, recently refurbished to provide a relaxing private space within the building for the residents. The facilities onsite cater for all the needs of the residents and the daily programme, with all you would expect from a recently refurbished hotel and easy access to the local towns.

Phase 2: Programme structure
This stage of the programme sees residents who have successfully detoxed from smoking, drugs and alcohol starting to address relapse prevention, relationships, life skills and more through cognitive behaviour therapy, group sessions and a variety of activities.

This phase usually takes 12 to 20 weeks to complete.

Phase 2: More about Phase 2
Phase 2 is the second part of the three-stage programme that the Carpenter’s Arms (Midlands) Trust offers. Phase 2 is located in the Leicestershire countryside, not far from towns and main roads. It is the most essential part of the programme and the Trust is constantly looking for ways to improve the delivery of the programme. This has resulted in fantastic staff who are keen to see more people come away from addiction and step into recovery.

Life after Phase 2:
The biggest question most people face when thinking of starting rehab is “what happens at the end?”

We provide assistance with two options; our Phase 3 programme which provides accommodation and support in the community, or our support workers in Phase 2 will assist you moving to a different community, including helping establish you in the area


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