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Romania School Project

Imagine a child of four years old walking this distance through snow sometimes 2 ft deep to a toilet like this? We don’t want this to continue.

Other organisations are partnering with us to help these children…
The Mayor has pledged his support, Pastor Daniel’s Church, Bishop Andrew’s in Doncaster… We need £10000 to finish the work.  We will supply workmen and some of the finance.  We would like other organisations to help us.  We envisage sending out a team to oversee the work which will take nearly a month, during that time other teams will go out for a week at a time assisting in the work, helping with the “Food Parcel” scheme and participating in the rich local life.  Wouldn’t you like to be part of something so rewarding?

What we saw
We saw the school grounds, the pupils and the existing toilets. Funding to improve these facilities is just not available.

Many of the children were from Gypsy backgrounds and all were disadvantaged in some way.

What impressed us was the friendly attitude and joy that they possessed. They had so little and yet …


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