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ScubaThis year we form our own scuba club!

The Carpenter’s Arms believes in promoting a balanced lifestyle and this is reflected in our timetable. One of the elements is Sport.

In the past Bryan (an Instructor Trainer) has taken numerous residents for a “Try-Dive”.  This has proved to be very popular with the result now that there are sufficient residents in the final part of the programme who can now progress onto formal training with the British Sub Aqua Club.

This development, a long time in coming, is due to real commitment by a number of people and organisations.

  • When Ratae SAC closed down they donated kit to us.
  • Roundhill SAC have kindly allowed us to share their facilities
  • Several founder members have committed themselves time-wise and financially.

We are looking forward to providing another healthy activity that promotes recovery and a good self-esteem.

The discipline and teamwork involved in diving is a powerful aid in helping others come out of an addiction based past.

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