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Senior Magistrate Visit

Senior-Magistrate-VisitSenior Magistrate spends time with our residents and is impressed.

Rick Moore said of his visit...
“My visit to the Carpenters Arms was a complete eye-opener.  I have been a Magistrate for over 30 years and have regularly sat on matters where crime is caused by alcohol abuse and also sit most months in Drugs Courts.

To see the work going on at the Carpenters Arms was completely uplifting and to hear from the residents, many of whom gave an articulate understanding of their predicament and their determination to beat the “devils” was truly amazing.

I wish Bryan and the team continued future success.”


Senior-Magistrate-Visit-2“The supportive and structured environment that the staff create at The Carpenter’s Arms gives you a unique opportunity to tackle your challenges and prepare you for a more positive future.”
M.N. February 2012

“I have been at The Carpenter’s Arms for two and a half months and I find the way in which we are helped is very constructive and positive within a real family and friendly  environment.  All the staff are really brilliant, you can talk to them about anything.  The programme is well balanced between hard teaching, discussion and leisure time all wrapped up in Christian love.”
T.B February 2012

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