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Tall Ships helped us

Barrie Atkinson
Barrie Atkinson

We first met Barrie Atkinson a few years ago when we arranged a Tall Ships voyage for some youth. The change in their life was great to see. We remembered Tall Ships when we were considering adding another dimension to The Carpenter’s Arms programme.

We contacted Barrie and he visited The Carpenter’s Arms and spoke to our residents about Tall Ships.  Quite a few were very keen and we had to whittle the numbers down to three.  Barrie arranged partial funding from Tall Ships and those going on the voyage engaged in their own fund-raising activities.

We decided to send three of our residents away with James, a Staff member who had already been through the programme.  They were at sea for five days learning how to crew this Tall Ship and meeting new people. The result was fantastic. They came back grinning from ear-to-ear with wonderful life experiences under their belts.

James Nicol
James Nicol

We would like to make a place in our calendar for this to take place every year as part of our endeavour to give wholesome activities to those participating in our programme.

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