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The Programme

The Carpenter’s Arms aims to provide the kind of environment that allows people to turn their lives around, escape homelessness and addiction, and to help them move smoothly back into a community.  

Treatment is voluntary, lasting anything from 6 months to a year depending on the individual’s needs. Support sessions and group work, as part of the programme, are aimed at dealing with root issues and preparing the individual for independent living once they have moved on.

We believe that it is possible to overcome addictions through support, relationships and a disciplined lifestyle.

Residents will all be involved in daily tasks within the centre, in order to create a stable routine and structure.

All residents are encouraged in a back-to-work mentality, and to take courses relevant to their interests and goals for employment to add to their CV; practical help will be given to those taking the courses.

There will also be regular work parties, practical sessions and sports outings taking place under staff supervision.  Residents will also take part in group teaching, with sessions including: Anger management, Breaking a destructive lifestyle, Patterns of behaviour, Handling responsibility, Managing relationships, Etc.

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