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Visit guidelines

Please note that these are guidelines and each visit application will be assessed individually.

As stated in the house rules:
“In order to organise visits in and out, an application must be made to the staff. This application must be received at least 5 days before the proposed visit, preferably for the Monday morning staff meeting.”

A visit application should contain the following details:

  • Dates and times going out and coming back
  • People you will be with
  • The purpose of your visit (leisure, legal, training etc)

During first four weeks

  • Visits in allowed after the first two weeks

From four to eight week period

  • Visits in allowed
  • Visits out for 4hrs on Saturday

From eight to twelve week period

  • Visits in allowed
  • One day out. Between 0730hrs till 2130hrs

After twelve weeks

  • Visits in allowed
  • Two days visits out. Between 0730hrs Saturday till 2130hrs Sunday

After sixteen weeks

  • Weekend visit out from between 1600hrs Friday till 2130hrs Sunday

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