Malone Meadows: Resident Grow Your Own

Our Six Hills site sits midway between Melton Mowbray and Loughborough and is where Phase 2 of our programme takes place. Phase 2 gets to grips with root causes of a resident’s addiction, addressing relapse prevention, relationships, life skills and more through various avenues such as group sessions and key-working.
The grounds of the site have real potential for a particular life skill we seek to teach: that of growing your own food.

We envisage turning a one-acre piece of wasteland into a space that is beautiful, welcoming and which serves a real purpose. A place that includes a small orchard of fruit trees, raised beds full of vegetables, chickens and beehives.

The project would be truly circular, with food waste processed on site to help with compost and to provide tasty food for the chickens. In turn, our happy chickens will produce eggs and we expect our bees to produce honey. Ample roof space at the property means we can harvest our rainwater and keep it onsite ready for watering this productive grove.

Without an indoor space to prepare seedlings and smaller growths earlier in the year, the harvest will be for limited months and offer a limited yield. However, we plan to convert our existing conservatory (which is no longer fit for purpose as a meeting area) into a large greenhouse for year-round planting and preparation, and so increasing the bounty from the harvest season!

From planting through to recycling, Malone Meadows provides an eco-friendly approach to food and waste that also has a financial benefit as far as our food bills are concerned.

Our wish list

The Carpenters Arms has delivered £36k of the total £68k cost of the project.

We’re now seeking support to cover the remaining £32k for the following:

  • Converting the existing conservatory to make it an all-year round, weatherproofed greenhouse: £9.3k
  • Raised beds (tanalised) for vegetables (8 x 97.6m2): £8.35k
  • Chicken coops and run: £5.38k
  • Topsoil: £3.16k
  • Beehives and equipment: £1.83k
  • Greenhouse kit including racking, lighting and trays: £1.2k
  • Water harvesting: £1.35k
  • Fruit trees: £810
  • Vegetables: £500

Expected outcomes and outputs

  • Reduction of monthly food bills (currently between £6-8k per month) by £1k during harvest months for vegetables once the project is fully up and running.
  • Therapeutic benefit to residents involved in the process of planting to plate to recycling, including real-time stress relief and mindfulness.
  • A calming space ideal for one-to-one counselling.


If you are able to help in any way, please contact Richard Spence, Chief Executive Officer at The Carpenter’s Arms, T: 01509 550246 or drop us an email via the form on our Contact page.

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When I left the Military, I had problems in my marriage and was a victim of domestic abuse. I totally lost it and turned to alcohol. The Carpenter’s Arms were willing to take me on and knowing they were signed up to The Armed Forces Covenant was a big thing for me. I have grown with the programme, and I have now got self-worth. I wake up every morning thankful. I’m blessed.

Brian, resident

As a magistrate, I see the devastation of addiction to a person’s life, as well as their family and friends, when they end up in the Court system. The Carpenter’s Arms offers an opportunity, strategies and support to face and overcome addiction, and turn people’s lives around. It offers people hope at their lowest ebb to gain self-confidence and self-worth which are invaluable gifts.

Mrs Henrietta Chubb JP, High Sheriff of Leicestershire

I got out of prison on the 14th of December 2017 and went straight to The Carpenter's Arms and felt the labels go. My first clean test in 24 years felt amazing. I had never seen my little girls through clean eyes. It was overwhelming! All the victories that were coming for me just for being in this place.

Garry, resident

I’ve known The Carpenter's Arms now for several years and it's great to see the way in which they have grown. What they've done in terms of supporting the defence community has been extraordinary. They show such great enthusiasm and such an ability to reach into people's lives.

Bruce Spencer, MoD Employer Engagement Director for the East Midlands

Before my arrival at the Carpenter's Arms, I was lost in a very dark place, haunted by past memories, suppressed by the use of drink and drugs. A local Christian charity recommended The Carpenter's Arms and I was thrown another lifeline and my hope was restored. My spirit, body and soul have been renewed, and I have re-established family connections and built bridges I once burnt.

Bradley, resident

The Carpenter’s Arms is one of our alliance charities working in the area of addiction. We draw on their understanding of what's going on, and their work and solutions for people living with addiction. It helps support our policy and working forward to sustainable living and aspirations in life after addiction.

Steve Meadwell, Regional Manager (Midlands), Centre for Social Justice

I have been suffering from mental health for over 10 years and was addicted to crack, cocaine, cannabis, and steroids. My life was unmanageable. My life has changed completely and I’ve been able to see my son again. I was lost and broken and now I am blessed. I am now a House Dad in phase 3 and I’ve been put on the Pathways as a Support Worker.

Blake, resident

I'm the trustee of the Carpenter's Arms and, this year, I’m also the Mayor of Charnwood. I first met Brian and Judith when I was a Magistrate Chairman of the Drug Rehabilitation Committee. The most rewarding experience was when I finished sitting on the bench and watched the amazing successes at The Carpenter’s Arms in capacity as a trustee. To sit and listen to the clients tell their stories, what they have done and how they have come out the other side with new beginnings, I think for me is the most rewarding. The court couldn’t do it, but The Carpenter's Arms did.

Councillor Margaret Smidowicz, Mayor of Charnwood and trustee of The Carpenter’s Arms

After years of hard drug addiction and causing a lot of pain and suffering for myself and my loved ones, I walked through the doors of the Carpenter's Arms. In the space of a few weeks, I started to see and think more clearly and within months my life had changed drastically for the better. I can't thank the Carpenter's Arms enough for giving me a second chance at life.

Marcus, resident

I've been an alcoholic for 3 years. Whilst it has been a challenge at The Carpenter's Arms, I have been clean for 1 month, have more energy and motivation to do things. A routine has helped me a lot, as well as being able to be around people which has helped me speak more easily. I am excited to go back to work and see my family more.

Rob, resident

I was a broken man after 16 years addicted to heroin and crack, with no confidence or self-worth. Through coming to the Carpenter's Arms, I have been able to break free from my addiction, have learnt how to love myself, how to treat others and how to deal with everyday life without drugs. I am now happily married with 6 beautiful kids and have had a job for the last 6 years.

Scott, resident