Mission statement

The Carpenter’s Arms mission statement

As a Christian Charity, our overriding vision is to guide people into relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that this provides the best pathway to overcoming life issues that may lead to addictions. We wish that the need for our work was diminishing, however statistics show an increasing number of people involved in substance misuse. The knock-on effect of this is often ill health, unemployment, crime, homelessness and broken relationships

More individuals are seeking help for freedom from addiction. In the first 10 years in the East Midlands, we had a ten-fold increase in bed-spaces.

Therefore, it is our vision to:

  • be good stewards of our current resources;
  • help restore damaged areas of lives through addressing triggers and coping mechanisms;
  • make freedom from addiction available to men, so our centres offer supported accommodation that is accessible to most;
  • create an accredited training qualification for support workers;
    increase current bed spaces; and
  • expand into every region of the United Kingdom, and eventually abroad as well.


Current objectives

In a manner that matches our code of ethics, in particular our faith in God, we will continue to be good stewards of

  • residents by:
    • ensuring safe delivery of services to residents by regular reviews of the residential programmes including sample files, an approved syllabus, residents timetable, and direct feedback from residents
  • employees by:
    • recruiting, training and retaining employees to our utmost ability by regular reviews of the employees including supervision meetings; employee files; an accredited training matrix
    • providing discipleship to employees by a working partnership between Trustees and the senior management team to establish management training for ministry; employee mentorship / discipleship sessions
  • the Charity’s public image by:
    • fostering and furthering community relationships by employees and residents attending or speaking at local events including forums, church meetings
    • national PR engagement through social media, speaking at national events or events held in other counties, national recognition by creating an accredited support worker training programme
  • the Charity’s finance by:
    • creating savings to cover three months of operational costs
    • continued review of monthly management accounts and cash flow forecast
    • Savings plan brought in in a timely manner, once other financial priorities have been addressed
  • buildings by:
    • continuing to meet all health and safety regulations by:
      • continued involvement of an external consultant
      • annual review of all health and safety policies, procedures and premises by the senior management team.